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Introducing the Conference and Event Management Experts – MotivAction – for Team Building Activities That Inspire, Motivate and Energise Your Team

Want to Organise a Truly Remarkable Team Building Event?

If you want to organise a team building event that leaves your team inspired, motivated and working together at a higher level, then you need the team building, conference management and event management expertise that only MotivAction can offer your business. With dozens of different team building activities to choose from, MotivAction can organise your next team building event, staff function, Christmas party or conference with ease. Instead of asking a team member to organise your next team building event, you can save your business time, money and lost productivity by leveraging our contacts, experience and knowledge to create a truly memorable team building experience. Read more ...

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Team Building Activities

Although it might seem obvious, establishing clear business objectives is a critical step most event managers skip over all too quickly.

Conference Management

The success of your event depends on creating an event that engages everyone on the day – which takes careful planning as everyone has different needs!

Event Management

It’s not just about inspiring your team on the day. At MotivAction we create events that help turn the energy generated on the day into real business results.

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Here’s 6 Benefits of Choosing MotivAction, the Conference and Event Management Experts

  1. Save Time – Organising a team building event is immensely time consuming, especially if you haven’t organised one before. But you can outsource the entire organisation of your team building event to MotivAction, leaving your already busy staff to focus on what they do best.
  2. Get Otherwise Unavailable Venues – After organising hundreds of different events, we have the contacts in the event management industry to get you venues, suppliers and dates you otherwise couldn’t get.
  3. Save Money – Getting a professional event management company like MotivAction isn’t expensive, especially compared to the often hidden cost of organising your own team building event internally.
  4. Reduce Stress – Organising team building events is stressful. There’s deadlines, people to organise, venues to book, logistics to manage and supplies to arrange. All it takes is one overlooked detail and your whole event can go awry. With MotivAction there’s no stress because we organise all the details so you only have to show up and your team building event and enjoy.
  5. Get a Truly Professional Team Building Event – With dozens of professionally designed team building events on offer, we can create and customise any team building event to suit your goals.
  6. Set and Achieve Your Team Building Objectives – Beyond having a good time, many event managers often overlook the key goals of your conference or team building event. At MotivAction, we’re different because we map out your goals and objectives to create an event that leaves you with a more productive, energised and focussed team that works together.

At MotivAction we have experience in creating and running literally hundreds of events for businesses of all sizes. We know what it takes to ensure your next event is an outstanding success.

Using our proven three step approach the MotivAction team have the experience needed to ensure that everything runs smoothly and is truly memorable – for all the right reasons. MotivAction has been in business in New Zealand providing Team Building, Event Management and Conference Management services for in excess of 15 years. Over this time we have developed a wide range of Team Building activities designed to keep your teams on their toes and achieve your desired outcomes. Our Team Building products are innovative and fresh plus At our overall Event Management experience, as well as our Conference Management experience enable us to provide you with a seamless programme for your corporate events or Team Building activities.

In many organisations there are team members who have a passion for Event Management. We are happy to work alongside them to produce results, whether it be Conference Management or Team Building activities. Too often the whole cost in an event is not taken into account. It is not just about the cost of the Team Building activity but also the cost of the person internally who has taken on the Event Management responsibilities. In addition, what are the costs of taking your team out of play for the duration of the activity? These hidden costs soon mount up and hiring a Conference Management professional is money well spent when you start tallying the total. We can work with you to develop an annual Event Management plan which will give an integrated approach to your Conference Management and Team Building activities.

Some of our team building activities can be delivered to a variety of departments within your organisation at different times and then the group comes together to enjoy the final results. In the course of delivering our Team building activities or providing Event Management services to our clients we have seen inside the culture of dozens of companies and can bring that insight along with our expertise to improving yours. Effective Conference Management maximises your conference budget and our relationships enable us to secure good value for your event. Our ability to think outside the square around venues, themes and teambuilding activities creates a memorable and valuable event.

At Motivaction we've organised hundreds of events and conferences for small and large clients including:

Air New Zealand
Coca Cola
Tip Top

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